When you become the cient of a web development agency, they will sit down with you, ask you questions, then a few days later they will give you a proposal and a price. If you agree to what they are telling you that you need, they will build your site. All the knowledge, all the power lies with the web development agency. They won't explain why or what unless you make them, and then they will use their own lingo to tell you so you probably won't be any wiser afterwards.

We aim to reverse that equation. The Great Leap Forward will act as your side of the agency/client arrangement. We will take a detailed brief from you, tell you everything you need to know, then brief the agency and stay on their back all the way until the website is finished. They won't be able to pull the wool over your eyes, because we are on your side. If the agency comes back with questions, changes, "sorry we can't do that" or whatever, we are there to deal with them. If they ask questions that we can't answer, we will ask you, but it won't be the agency fishing for a particular answer, it will be us trying to work out the best answer with you.

Simply put, you hire us to temporarily be the web site experts that you need on staff to be able to effectively get a website built by a web development agency. It is very unlikely that the average small to medium business will have such an expert on staff (in fact neither do most big businesses, although they often think they do), so we become your expert for as long as you need one.

We will make sure that you are aware of everything from the start. We won't suddenly tell you at the end of the job that Search Engine Optimisation is going to cost you extra, we'll make sure its included in the orginal quote. We will make sure that all the incidental costs like hosting, ssl certificates, statistics, domain names etc are known at the start. We will work out a fee for our services at the start, so there is no advantage to us in getting you to spend more, in fact we will do everything we can to keep your costs down. We will be on your side.

If you don't have or know of a web development agency that you want to use, we can recommend one that we think fits your brief. In ten years we have come to know a lot about our former competitors and we can guide you to the right agency for your job. We have no favourites amongst them and no "special" arrangements with any of them. We know who is good at what.

Alternatively, we can build your site for you. You'll get the same treatment and a better price.

Contact: michael@thegreatleapforward.com
0411 277 026 · Sydney Australia